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Pathology Management Software systems aid libraries in efficiently managing their document inventory, loans, member subscriptions, and profiles, even for multiple physical locations. These software solutions are crucial for libraries as they handle asset collections and maintain strong relationships with their members.

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Helping You Make Billing Decisions

Our collaborative efforts will focus on implementing the necessary checks and balances to enhance your practice's financial performance and ensure a secure and prosperous future.

Below are some common questions you may be pondering:
  • Should I choose a salaried position or continue with private practice?

  • Is now the opportune moment to negotiate my Part A contract?

  • How should I approach the implementation of a bundled payment plan?

  • When was the most recent audit conducted on our billing practices?

  • Is it advisable to switch billing companies, or would it be better to handle billing in-house?

Experts in Pathology Billing & Coding

Experience the advantages of teaming up with Lighthouse as your trusted consultant. Our expertise lies in managing the intricate day-to-day business matters, ensuring significant enhancements in your laboratory operations.

Pathology Lab Management Services

Lighthouse Lab Services provides a variety of Lab Management Services designed to ensure the seamless and effective operation of pathology laboratories.

We facilitate the acquisition of top-notch histology equipment at competitive prices through our extensive vendor relationships and significant purchasing influence.

Effective laboratory quality programs demand continuous monitoring. We can aid you in establishing a system that supports your laboratory in upholding a superior standard of quality compliance.

The majority of laboratories will necessitate fundamental supplies, including reagents, quality control materials, as well as miscellaneous items like slides, cassettes, and stains.

Ensuring competency assessment is a crucial component of upholding your laboratory's accreditation and adherence to regulations. Our team provides staff training and conducts competency assessments at necessary intervals.