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School Management systems play a pivotal role in assisting libraries to efficiently track their document inventory, loans, member subscriptions, and profiles, even across multiple physical locations. These systems are a reliable means for libraries to manage asset collections and foster strong relationships with their members.

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Streamlined Online School Management Software

Next School ERP, a cutting-edge SaaS-based platform by Next Education, revolutionizes school administration by automating crucial administrative operations. This new-age school management software solution efficiently handles daily tasks, seamlessly integrating and simplifying admission processes, fee management, attendance tracking, examinations, faculty management, transport monitoring, inventory control, and more.

  • Student E-Wallet: "Embrace cashless transactions for all school-related payments, hassle-free."

  • Systematic Staff Management: "Facilitate transparent administrative processes and enhance staff management efficiency."

  • Real-time Transport Tracking: "Track student commutes with real-time updates."

  • Effective Communication in-App Chat: "Ensure seamless communication among all stakeholders. Experience the power of Next School ERP, transforming school management into a streamlined and user-friendly experience."

Comprehensive Modules of our Student Information System

Admission Management:

Our advanced module streamlines the entire admission process, encompassing inquiry handling, admission tests, and even the issuance of leaving certificates. With a fully online setup, managing admissions has never been more convenient.

Fees Management:

A highly valuable feature that is indispensable in school software modules, this streamlined system makes fee collection effortless, swift, and punctual. The entire process becomes automated, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Attendance Management:

Attendance management involves effectively preventing employee time theft through meticulous tracking of their working hours, login times, departures, breaks, and time off.

Student Details Management:

This module simplifies, accelerates, and organizes the editing and updating of students' data. It provides the added advantage of generating students' ID cards instantly.

Timetable Management:

The school management software proves to be incredibly beneficial for both teachers and the school. With just a few clicks, it enables the seamless creation of timetables for classes or exams, streamlining the entire process.

Transport Management:

For schools with their fleet of buses and vans, this feature is highly advantageous. It facilitates real-time tracking of the vehicles, ensuring the safety of students and staff during their travels.

Report Management:

Daily, schools generate and manage a substantial volume of records. The system allows the generation of reports in various formats, catering to the requirements of ICSE, CBSE, or state boards.

Examination Management:

Creating exam timetables becomes a breeze, requiring the involvement of just one staff member. Moreover, Mark's assessment and report card preparation are greatly simplified and automated, saving valuable time and effort.

Account Management:

Effortlessly manage all data with utmost precision using this module, which enhances transparency and accountability to a significant extent.

HR Management:

With just one click, this module effortlessly generates a comprehensive salary report. It serves as a complete solution for handling all aspects related to staff, be it teaching or non-teaching, with remarkable ease and accuracy.


The School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an advanced software equipped with digital tools that effectively streamline administrative procedures within schools. By facilitating seamless collaboration and ensuring a uniform flow of information, it efficiently manages crucial administration activities. These include secure storage and management of data, attendance tracking, fee management, and automated communication updates.

School Management Software, alternatively referred to as a School Management System (SMS), serves as an administrative tool for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and state board schools. Its primary purpose is to streamline and oversee the daily operations of a school by automating various time-consuming tasks, making the overall management more efficient and productive.

School management software encompasses several key features, including program management and class scheduling, data management for student admissions and records, financial assessment management, and academic management. These notable functionalities play a crucial role in facilitating efficient school administration.

Indeed, school ERP software offers a certain level of customization. Nevertheless, the extent of customization achievable relies on the particular needs of the school and the flexibility of the software's architecture.

Certainly! School management software is equipped with multilingual font support and includes major regional languages of India like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu, and more. Prominent tech companies, such as Next Education Pvt. Ltd., offer school management software that facilitates the usage of regional languages in various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, and others.

In India, the price of school management software typically ranges from INR 10 to 100 per student per month. This pricing varies depending on factors such as student capacity, the number of modules, region, and the chosen vendor.